Jonathon & Kayla

Derrel is 10/10 in our opinion. I challenge anyone to find more breathtaking pictures than the ones he produced from our wedding day. There’s a lot that makes Derrel’s work worth recommending. First, he’s very outgoing, which seems to give others permission to relax around him and that lends itself well to capturing great moments. Second, he’s intensely focused and adaptable, so when it’s time to take photos you can trust Derrel to take the reigns and drive the ship forward so everything gets done right and on time. Third, he’s got a creative eye and is able to make quick decisions on shoot locations, poses, etc no matter the setting. Lastly, he goes above and beyond. In our case, that meant helping me rush slow hotel attendants to get us a ride so we could catch the sunset. That also meant Derrel helping Kayla tie up the back of her wedding gown. I haven’t shown our wedding photos to a single person who hasn’t been blown away and asked who our photographer was. I highly recommend his work and plan to re-hire him in 10 years for our anniversary!

Jonathon & Kayla

Steve & Giselle

We wanted to be certain that we had the best in the industry when it came to photography and we are glad that through a referral we came across Derrel.  His portfolio did all the talking – artistic, classy and original - and it was head & shoulders above the other vendors we were considering.

He has the ability to marry creativity and passion, and his portfolio just keeps getting better.   Our engagement and wedding pictures had so many amazing shots that exceeded our expectations, we are still having trouble narrowing it down! Compliments from our friends and family still keep coming in – we look like we should be featured in a magazine and our friends wish they had hired Derrel for their wedding.   

Outside of the quality of the work Derrel is also a great guy to hang with all day.  He has a fantastic sense of humour as our day was full of fun and laughs with him.  Moreover, he was able to integrate himself with our family and wedding party so well that they still talk about him.

The investment is well worth the moments captured by Derrel, the photos will instantly bring back the moment of your wedding and the memories will live forever.  We could not be happier!


Giselle and Steve

Adam & Natia

Hi Derrel, just wanted to let you know that we had a blast with you, so much fun and humor all day long. You are absolutely amazing. Big fan of your work as well. Your creativity and ability to capture special little moments of that day is amazing. Thank you for all your hard work and many many years of success. We love you


Natia & Adam

Sadi & Rysia

Thank you again to Derrel for capturing ALL of the precious moments during my brother in laws wedding in Jamaica, as well as my wedding in Dominican Republic. Worth every nickel and more - you truly are the BEST in the business.

I highly recommend to anyone getting married, as we've trusted our most important family moments to Derrel Ho-Shing Photography, and he always raises the bar. Thank you Brother!!

Sadi & Rysia

dan & danielle

In May 2013, my wife and I wed at the Hard Rock Hotel in the Dominican Republic under the watchful eye of many family members and friends. Through the duration of our vacation, Derrel was family as well.

 Derrel has a unique ability to make those around him feel at ease. A skill that is vital to ensuring that the most important moments in our lives was captured with elegance, beauty, and above all, honesty. Moments that will live on forever. Moments that we will be proud to share for generations to come. 

 His dedication, professionalism and personality are a winning combination worthy of a strong recommendation to anyone in need of the perfect wedding photographer.


Dan & Danielle


My experience working with Derrel was epic and we are very pleased that we booked with him. He is professional, plays close attention to details, knows his equipment well, very skilled but what my wife and I admired the most is his sense of humour. Derrel was able to relax my wedding party and capture some of the most beautiful wedding pictures we ever saw.

My wife and I got married last year and we still can't decide on what pictures we want to display,  add to our wedding album and show case in our house( all the photos we received from him are gorgeous).

To be honest photography is the most important part of a wedding to me; at the end of your wedding day when everything is over you still have your photos and you can always look back on them and reminisce. If you want great value, quality and a very skilled photographer, Derrel is the one for you.

Shaun & Michelle Colthrust

Paul & Tamara

Derrel, just wanted to let you know how dumbfounded we were when we saw the moments you captured of our wedding week. Your work was incredible and awe-inspiring and we can’t thank you enough. Your skills and persona are reflected in your work and you did an amazing job to capture the essence of our wedding week and to a bigger extent our special day in such an enchanting way.
The incredible aspect of working with you was seeing that you were having just as much, if not more fun than we were and it was a thrill for us and all of our guests. We absolutely love the photos you took and are so happy with the selection you have provided us. You were able to include a variety of everything that made up our week and our friends and family still think our photos are from a magazine.
With the wedding now over, your photos is the only way to preserve our special moments. Your photos will absolutely succeed in doing that for us. We would recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a talented, professional photographer who is a joy to work with and has the ability to put you at ease.

Thank you again for everything.

Tamara & Paul