Redcrest Cardinal Golf Club, newmarket ontario - Leah & Pablo's 2 Year Anniversary Shoot

First off, congrats to Pablo and Leah on their 2 year anniversary. I’ve known Leah for over 15 years, and I’m so happy to see her with the man of her dreams, Pablo.

The story behind this shoot, I just purchased The Flashpoint StreakLight 360 flash and was anxious to test it out. I asked Leah and Pablo, because I love their style, their look and they never disappoint in the photo department.

So the timing couldn’t have been better. We started the shoot in downtown Newmarket and then at sundown we headed over to The Redcrest Cardinal Golf Club in Newmarket Ontario Canada. What a beautiful location, especially at sunset.

Hope you guys enjoy the pics as much as we did. Leave some feedback.