Albion Falls, Hamilton Ontario - Ralph and Clarice Engagement Shoot

I never get sick of visiting or shooting at Albion Falls, in Hamilton Ontario. One of the most popular falls in Hamilton aka The Waterfall Capital of the World. It had snowed the day before, and then warmed up for our shoot, so all the snow melted resulting in a heavy flow of water from the falls. I met Ralph in Punta Cana DR while I was shooting a wedding that he was a guest at, and I immediately saw his loud personality and class clown behaviour and thought "uh oh, I got some competition". Clarice on the other hand is quiet, soft, kind and very patient lol. The whole shoot was non stop jokes, I wanted to capture their true expressions and emotions in front of these breath taking waterfalls. 

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Here's also a link to the -> BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO 

Enjoy! Thanks again. Ciao