CN Tower, 360 Restaurant, Toronto Canada | Scharad & Tonya Proposal and Engagement

Scharad and Tonya met 8 years ago, in their homeland of Bahamas when he (who happens to be an AWESOME photographer) was shooting a wedding that she was a bridesmaid in. She later asked him to photograph her then 1 year old daughter Laila (who just turned 9 last week). They did the shoot, long story short, they kept in touch and fell in love. Now they'll both tell you their own version of it, but that's the basic gist.

So Scharad emailed me and told me he was coming up to Toronto with his girlfriend and her daughter to propose to her, and wanted to do it at the CN Tower 360 Restaurant. I felt so excited, probably just as much as he did. He said he was referred to me by another photographer, and loved my work. We planned to have me come up to the CN Tower and sit behind them, then when dessert came, he was going to pop the question.

The manager Marcus, and the waiter James were all in on it and were amazing. I felt like I was a CIA agent on a stakeout. The proposal went down and Tonya was shocked and delighted. When she saw me taking pics of the proposal, she said "YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw you sitting there and wondered 'Why is he sitting by himself? Maybe he's waiting for a client or got stood up'" That was the only downside, that everyone in the restaurant thought I got stood up lol. 

The next day we planned for a photoshoot at Dundas Square and The Distillery District and these photos were just stunning. After seeing Scharad's work, I was a little nervous to shoot such a great photographer, but I think that made it easier. 

Check out these pics, and leave some feedback for the newly engaged couple.

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